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Across CTO’s Safe & Sound

Technology: Across CTO’s Safe & Sound

SoundBite’s main technology, SoundBiteTM Crossing System, is a unique and novel first-in-class wire-based technology that may potentially allow the treatment of chronic total occlusions (CTOs) in a simpler and clinically efficient way. CTOs are problematic and prevalent in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) and peripheral artery disease (PAD). Currently, there is no efficient product solution and crossing CTOs is still considered a significant unmet need, representing an addressable growing niche market greater than 300,000 cases per year in the USA, alone.

At present, SoundBite is conducting its First-In-Human study using the first generation console and the first generation 0.018 inch SoundBiteTM Active Wire for peripheral (i.e., above and below the knee) application. In parallel, SoundBite is developing a 0.014-inch diameter wire for coronary application.

Technology Value Proposition

1- Enabling technology

• Simple and quick workflow for the average operator to conquer CTO’s.

• As more physicians adopt this procedure, volumes will increase to fulfill the addressable market of 300,000 cases per year in the USA alone.

2- Cross calcium & collagen

• Unique “jackhammer effect” enables the device to cross the hardest materials in CTO’s, calcium plaque and fibrotic material. Healthy elastic tissue is left unharmed.

• Shock wave dosing and morphology can be controlled.

3- Intraluminal

• Improved torque response

• Bendable tip for better steering ability

• The device size fits the market’s standard platform for wiring and crossing techniques.

Business Value Proposition

  • Seasoned Management Teams and Advisory Board;
  • Exceptional niche unmet needs in below-the-knee and Coronary applications;
  • Strong and growing patent portfolio;
  • A clear, predictable and manageable regulatory path for exit milestones.

Competitive Advantages

    • Standard size peripheral platform that will fit into more ancillary equipment used during a typical surgery.
    • Device is steerable,enabling more crossing control
    • Utilizes a novel energy source, shockwaves, that can facilitate passage through the material in CTOs, as opposed to going around these materials.