Our Company

Who We Are And What We Do

Company Overview: A Game Changer in CTOs Treatment

SoundBite Medical is a medical devices company that began operations in May 2015, with its R&D facilities in Sherbrooke and commercialization headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. The Company is developing and commercializing proprietary wire-based device and generator console that delivers safe shockwave energy within the cardiovascular system to treat chronic total occlusions (CTO's).

The company will target CTO’s in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) and coronary artery disease (CAD), disease states that affect over 12 million and 8 million Americans, respectively.

In delivering to market the first wired-based acoustic CTO crossing device, generating unprecedented clinical and economic outcomes, SoundBite will manage to make CTO crossings simpler, faster and safer, thereby opening up the procedure to a broader Interventional Cardiologists population.

Our Goal

Deliver to market the first shockwave CTO crossing device, generating unprecedented clinical and economic outcomes and enabling Interventional Cardiologists to address CTO’s that are difficult to treat via traditional techniques, thereby opening up the procedure to a broader physician population.

SoundBite Management Team

An experienced team with a proven track record


Ashkan Haghighat

Vice President, Business & Corporate Development

17 years of experience in Capital Markets and venture investing with a focus on the healthcare sector.


Martin Brouillette

Founder & CTO

Inventor of SoundBite Technology. World expert in shockwaves.


Abder Benrabah

Vice-President, Quality Engineering & Assurance

More than 25 years in Medical Device & other industries and former VP Quality at Smith & Nephew.

Board of Directors

Ashkan Haghighat, PhD

Martin Brouillette, PhD

Lori Chmura

Rick Geoffrion

William L. Hunter, MD (Chairman)

Azin Parhizgar, PhD

Advisor to the Board: Martin Leon, MD

Clinical Advisory Board

Chair: Dr. Martin Leon (USA)



Dr. George Adams (USA)

Dr. Marianne Brodmann (Europe)

Dr. Mahmood Razavi (USA)

Dr. Eric Thérasse (Canada)

Dr. Dimitrios Karmpaliotis (USA)

Dr. Bill Lombardi (USA)

Dr. Stephane Rinfret (Canada)


Steve Arless, Martin Brouillette, Louis-Philippe Riel and Steven Dion